Science & Digital technology

Technology, like science, inspires GEMS students to think and form questions based on what they see and learn. Computer clubs, coding classes and digital literacy skill sessions. With enriching activities offered in all GEMS Schools, we’re developing the digital innovators and technology experts of tomorrow.

GEMS X is the future-focused R&D arm of GEMS Education with a vision of redefining learning and schooling through a lens of work, technology and inter-connected societies of the future.

Formerly known as GEMS Innovation, Research, and Development (IRD), GEMS X is currently involved in engaging diverse participants including government entities, businesses, universities, research partners, investors, early-stage organizations, youth and the public on long-term collaboration. GEMS X specialises in the research, design, and prototyping of new educational ecologies and emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Radical Personalisation Assistants and Immersive Technologies such as AR, VR and MR.