Remote Learning

Our Remote Learning Approach

Each student and family will receive a personal weekly timetable with access to:

    • Teacher developed learning resources, lessons, and collaborative activities
    • A range of age-appropriate online content and applications
    • Personalised interaction between students and teachers
    • Support and guidance for parents
    • Weekly progress updates
    • Continuous communication with your class/subject teachers

Your support is paramount to educational success, we ask all parents to:

  • Setup an electronic device to facilitate learning
  • Identify a suitable and comfortable learning space
  • Maintain a daily routine for your child
  • Gain visibility on progress and feedback

We are extremely proud of the strides our teachers and students have made with our successful Remote Learning Programme, which has been recognised by the UAE Education Authorities’ E-Learning inspections across our schools. All our inspected schools have received the highest rating (‘Developed’) across all phases of learning.